Crime-solving canine duo Detective Leni and Professor Fluff embark on a new case

I'm happy to report that the first two episodes of Season 3 of "Detective Leni" are now out, so if you've been missing the adorable crime-solving duo Detective Leni and Professor Fluff, your wait is over!

The funny videos star Leni and Marley, Matt Hobbs' (of Puppy Songs fame) extremely cute doggos. They're even more precious than they normally are, because they're decked out in a tiny pinstripe suit (Marley) and an adorable little old timey Sherlock Holmes-style detective outfit (Leni). They are joined by special guests Gertie Goose, Poop Nose Owl, and Colonel Crab.

Episode 1, "Where the Heck is Mahm?!, sets the stage for the season's drama. Professor Fluff and Detective Leni get home in time for dinner, but dinner isn't ready. It's 5:32 pm and puppy dinner is supposed to be served at exactly 5:30. Something is clearly wrong! Where's the missing dinner? Detective Leni and Professor Fluff are on the case—Mahm never misses puppy dinner, so where the heck is Mahm?

In Episode 2, "A Surprise Soirée", Professor Fluff and Detective Leni find a letter from M. Pupper, the criminal alias of Gertie Goose. It's an invitation to a party. But, M. Pupper is supposed to be in jail! Fluff and Leni head out to the jail to investigate. What will they find? Will they go to the soiree? We'll have to wait until the next episode to find out!

If you want to see how the mystery ends, or catch up on Seasons 1 and 2, check out the Puppy Songs TikTok.