Nikki Haley won't kill you for having an abortion

Proudly standing on the side of forced birth, Nikki Haley thinks compromise is coming up short of the death penalty for women.

Nikki Haley is not walking a fine line between Republican "judgment" and Democratic "scare tactics" on the issue of a woman's right to manage her own healthcare decisions. The Party of "we don't want big government" sure wants big government when it comes to women's rights, and Nikki Haley is pretending she isn't pushing that agenda forward. Haley's "consensus" is selling women out.

"So what should we do? I think we find consensus. Can't we agree to ban late-term abortions?" she asked. "And can't we agree that no state law should say to a woman that if she has an abortion, she's going to jail or get the death penalty."

"I will not be a part of demonizing this issue," she added. "I think that I've watched Democrats, they have put fear in women. And I've watched Republicans use judgment. There's no place for fear or judgment when you're talking about something this personal and this sensitive."

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