Beating Baldur's Gate 3 as a cat

It's official- Baldur's Gate 3 has been deemed the best game of 2023, so you can't get mad at me when I say it is. This sweeping, intricately in-depth RPG simulates the feeling of a grand Dungeons & Dragons campaign perfectly, but has left some players wanting more.

Some have modded in guns to get the true Artificer experience, some are lobbying for left-out DnD races like Tabaxi to get added- and some have squeezed out increasingly-baroque self-imposed challenges to truly get their money's worth. Along these lines, I present the Cat Run, a complete playthrough of the game using only a full party of housecats.

This is achieved by stacking the party with druids and having them all permanently maintain cat form. While it is obviously a struggle, necessitating many creative workarounds, it's a cute struggle- and at least these cats are more heroic than the one from Nip for Speed.