Trump reposts his own Nazi screed

I wonder if adjudicated rapist and out-on-bail 91-times criminally indicted Republican frontrunner for President Donald J. Trump even knows he is the person who supposedly wrote this Nazi Screed.

Wow. Trump is putting on his very best fascist dictator here. If you had "The Final Battle, "Deep State," and "Fake News Media" on your MAGA Millions Bingo Card, you just hit a goldmine. Do his adherents really feel there is a battle to be fought or something to be won by paying his legal bills and for Melania's style consultants? Why is the scam so hard to see? People do read this stuff and then send him money:

Trump spent his weekend screaming crazy shit on stage and online. Donald begging Taylor Swift and her boyfriend for attention is far sadder than creepy and weird, but it's also really creepy and weird. This guy is far too obsessed with strong women in positions of power. Maybe he just reposted his own fascist fantasy because he REALLY wants us to know he wrote it.