Nikki Haley predicts "unhinged chaos" if Trump wins

In her attempt to unseat adjudicated rapist and 91-times criminally indicted Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, Nikki Haley is pointing out that a vote for Trump is a vote for "unhinged chaos."

Candidate for the Republican nomination for President, Nikki Haley, is finally attacking Trump as she likely needed to from the beginning. Pointing out that the moment he goes off script and speaks his mind, it's either foul and shameful or completely incoherent may help her, but also expect the Biden campaign to run her remarks as an ad shortly. She should continue pounding on the drum of Trump's NATO remarks and his absolute lack of respect for service to this country.

"He goes off script from a teleprompter for two minutes, and he criticizes the military, mocks my husband, but he also goes and takes a side of Putin in NATO and says that he would actually encourage Putin to invade our allies," she recalled. "He went off the teleprompter. That's what you're going to get is unhinged chaos. And that only makes Joe Biden… sound sane."

The former South Carolina governor also blasted Trump's record of losing.

"What I worry about is you look at last week, and you see all of the losses that Republicans had," she remarked. "You see, Trump lost his case on immunity. Republicans lost their case on Israel. They lost their case on impeaching Mayorkas. Then you go, and you have the RNC chair lose her job."

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