MAGA mob agrees, tells Jordan Klepper that America needs a Nazi-style dictator (video)

The MAGA party's embrace of stupidity and fascism is still astounding, as commonplace as it now is. Which gives the Daily Show's Jordan Klepper much to work with as he interviews Kool-aid drunk rallygoers on the Trump campaign trail. (See video below, posted by The Daily Show.)

Take the indoctrinated couple who is onboard with Donald Trump becoming a dictator on Day One, especially since the former twice-impeached one-term president wouldn't be a Hitler dictator, for goodness sake. As they confirmed to Klepper, Trump would merely be a Mussolini-style dictator.

"Put people in their place," the lost MAGA man said.

"A dictator can do that, right?" Klepper responded. "It can put people in place. The good people are over here. The bad people are over here in a gulag."

"At this point, it's what America needs," spouted the MAGA man's sidekick, a gulag-supporter holding a glittery red-white-and-blue cutout of a smurf.

And when Klepper approached another couple, wondering what they thought of Trump's "poisoning of the blood" comment on U.S. immigrants, they chalked it up to Trump's poetic bent.

"Trump kind of speaks in allegories," the red-capped gentleman said, while the self-identified "Trump girl" (as her T-shirt stated) clarified Trump's statement on immigrants. "They don't know our American history and our values."

"So when he says 'poisoning our country,' it sounds harsh. It sounds much nicer in the original German," Klepper clarified.

"Yeah, there you go," the Trump-supporter said. Yep, there you go all right.