Trump still lying about NATO

NATO doesn't have bills. Trump also did nothing differently than President Obama or President Bush and only blustered for his cult.

In another unhinged social media broadcast, adjudicated rapist Donald J. Trump offered up more lies about NATO. NATO member nations were ramping up their spending years before Trump snuck into the White House on his electoral college win and popular vote failure. The reason for that ramp up? Russia is aggressive and the annexation of Crimea rightly scared nations into spending more on defense.

Trump's NATO bullshit is literally all a made up thing to bluster about! He is destabilizing the world to get a fucking hoo-rah from his Red Hatted morons. He also shared this nut-so rant about how MAGA candidates losing has nothing to do with him, and of course only his brilliance can restore the Republican Party to its prior greatness. Making things great again.