6 hikers stuck on Mt. Baldy wearing only hoodies airlifted days after woman's body was found (video)

Six hikers stuck in snow at 9,000 feet on a Mount Baldy trail had to be airlifted to safety yesterday. Just a few days earlier, a 22-year-old California woman was found dead in the area by someone's drone after she had gone missing on February 4th. And on Monday, a group of three experienced hikers were rescued on the same trail after sheltering overnight.

The six hikers got stuck when it started to snow on Bear Canyon Trail, an area that's about a one-hour drive north of downtown Los Angeles. One of the videos below (posted by @SEBLASD) shows the hikers walking in a single file line towards the helicopter, each with a bare hand clinging to the shoulder of the person in front of them. They seem to be wearing only cotton hoodies. It's not clear if any of the hikers needed medical attention.

Mount Baldy — considered to be one of the most dangerous peaks in the nation, after Mt. Washington in New Hampshire and Mt. Rainier in Washington state, is where actor Julian Sands, an experienced hiker, disappeared last year. His body was found five months later, in June.

Via Advnture