Have you seen how humongous a 3-month-old St. Bernard is? It's pretty amazing! (video)

As one of the largest dog breeds out there, St. Bernard puppies are not small. In fact, while at 3-months old, Dachshunds weigh 6–13 pounds and golden retrievers weigh 15-25 pounds, a 3-month-old St. Bernard weighs up to 55 pounds. That's as much as many 7-year-old children.

But even with that knowledge, I am amazed to see what the size of a 2nd grader on a puppy actually looks like, which pet owner Maggie Matthews shows us in her TikTok video as she hoists up her humongous doggo — the pup's head already much larger than hers — grunting as she struggles to lift him off the ground (see below).

"She's three months old! She's just a baby and she's 50 pounds," says Matthews. Meanwhile, Matthews' other St. Bernard is fully grown and weighs 185 pounds, according to her latest video. Too big for dog beds, he sleeps on the couch while the puppy sleeps on a crib mattress. At least Matthews knows what she's in for with this little big gal!

Via Newsweek