Ukraine sinks another Russian warship, the Caesar Kunikov

Ukraine doesn't have much of a navy, but Russia's is hardly ship-shape, and now it'll have to do without the Caesar Kunikov, a landing ship sank in a drone attack (previously.)

"Ukraine has disabled a third of the Russian Black Sea Fleet during the large-scale invasion," the country's armed forces told CNN after Wednesday's attack.

That aligns with Ukrainian claims last week that they had disabled about 33% of Russia's warships, amounting to 24 disabled ships and one submarine. The landing ship Caesar Kunikov would be the 25th disabled ship, according to Ukraine's count.

Wednesday's attack was conducted by the agency's "Group 13" special forces unit in cooperation with Ukraine's security and defense forces, the statement said.

Previous drone targets include the Ivanovets, a guided-missile ship, and the Moskva in April 2022,

Here's the footage: