Cop Cody Wood spent a year falsely arresting people on DUI and drugs charges

Cody Wood, an officer with Commerce Police Department in Georgia, got into a bad habit: he'd arrest people he pulled over with DUI even after they passed sobriety tests and were breathalyzed under the legal alcohol limit. One of them passed 10 of them, yet was still charged.

The FOX 5 I-Team has confirmed three dismissed DUI cases so far, with another also dropped because Wood wrongly charged a soldier with possession of methamphetamines after a roadside test showed a bottle of melatonin was fentanyl. There was no other evidence of drugs in his car.

When reached at his home, Wood had no comment on the investigation.

Officers have the discretion to decide for themselves irrespective of the tests, but they don't have the discretion to lie about or omit the results from their reports as Wood did.

What stopped him? He went after another cop's family member.

Tommy Rucker got a call from his niece last October while she was being charged with driving under the influence of drugs.

Rucker, a retired cop himself, headed to the scene to talk to the officers.

His cases are now being "reviewed," reports Fox 5 News.

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