Navalny body seen to be "bruised on head and chest" at morgue

Alexei Navalny, the Russian opposition leader and Putin critic jailed on obviously false charges and found suddenly dead last week in prison, finally turned up with bruises on his head and chest in the morgue. Navalny's mother was reportedly unable to find his body at the morgue in Salekhard on Saturday; his Anti-Corruption Foundation accused Russian authorities of hiding it. No autopsy has yet been performed, according to media there.

"Such injuries, described by those that saw them, appear from seizures," the unnamed paramedic told the exiled Novaya Gazeta newspaper.

"The person convulses, they try to restrain him, and bruises appear. They also said that he also had a bruise on his chest. That is, they still tried to resuscitate him, and he died, most likely, from cardiac arrest."

Perfectly consistent with being beaten to death and also with whatever he died from.

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