"I just kind of think of her as a lowlife" Colorado GOP voters reject Lauren Boebert

MAGA enthusiast Lauren Boebert promised her constituents in Colorado's 3rd district that she would never abandon them. True to her nature if not her word, the moment the public penis fondler realized she might lose in the next election, she announced she was running in the 4th district instead, which is far more Republican than the 3rd district.

But Boebert is learning that her reputation as a restaurateur who serves pork sliders that give customers explosive diarrhea isn't sufficient for an easy victory in the Western half of the state.

At a recent event in Kiowa, CO, GOP voters told a Wall Street Journal reporter that they didn't like Boebert.

"I don't appreciate, as a Christian, people saying they're Christian to get your vote and then turning out to be a lowlife, and now I just kind of think of her as a lowlife," Judy Scofield told the reporter.

"On Facebook, she's not been well received by Republicans," said Tammi Flemming. "It's the shenanigans and the drama and moving districts."

"I will not vote for her. Period. She's not one of us," said Chris Ware.

From The New Republic:

Boebert decided to switch districts after she was reelected in 2022 by such a narrow margin that the election nearly went to a recount. Her public image has taken a massive battering in recent months, as well, after she and a date received national backlash when they were caught on security cameras talking, using their phones, vaping, and groping each other while seeing a performance of Beetlejuice.

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