Three pigs try to share a couch with their human dad, hilarity and chaos ensue

This video is as sweet as it is hilarious. Watch as three pigs try to climb on a couch at the same time, to cuddle with their human dad. The first piggie, Charlotte, is peacefully taking a nap with her dad, when the second piggie, Pumpkin, approaches to try to join the party. It takes some time and even a little finagling, but Pumpkin manages to get a spot on the couch. Not to be outdone, the third piggie, Millie, decides that she, too, must be on the couch. What follows is a whole lotta snort-snooting, and a whole lotta chaos, but eventually all three end up with dad on the couch. The entire video is pretty hilarious, and definitely worth a watch.

The description of the video sums up the action:

How do you fit three pigs and one human on a couch? A takes a little pushing, a lot of noise, and a complete lack of cooperation. Oh and a little luck!

Charlotte, Pumpkin, and Millie live at the Life with Pigs Farm Animal Sanctuary, a nonprofit, vegan sanctuary in Williamsburg, Virginia. Other residents include pigs, cows, sheep, chickens, geese, turkeys, rabbits, and tortoises. Their website describes their mission:

Life with Pigs Farm Animal Sanctuary provides forever homes to farm animals in need and compassion-filled educational experiences to the public. 

Life with Pigs is dedicated to educating people about the injustices faced by animals and how we can better coexist with our fellow earthlings. We operate under the guiding principle that animals are our equals and deserve equal consideration for their needs and desires.

Watch the video on Instagram or Facebook. And find out more about the Life with Pigs Farm Animal Sanctuary on their website, FacebookInstagram, or TikTok.

In related news, did you know pigs love to cuddle?

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