Tommy Tuberville cuts down Biden's walk, forgetting about his own spectacular fall down stairs (video)

Tommy Tuberville has such a sharp memory, he decided to cut down President Biden today for "walking on a tarmac in L.A. with Nancy Pelosi, shuffling his feet, looking at the ground."

Meanwhile, the 69-year-old Alabama senator famously stumbled and slid down a flight of stairs like a sack of tubers while getting off a plane in 2014. (See video of Tuberville's criticism, followed by his impressive fall below, posted by Ron Filipkowski.)

And although the viral video of his clumsy spill has circulated for years, MAGA's hate-spewing minion doesn't seem to recall any of it, thus criticizing the president for the way he walks. No wonder his own brother, songwriter Charles Tuberville, "distanced himself" from the senator for his "ignorant, hateful rants."