Hilarious doggo just can't resist, even when repeatedly told not to jump into the hot tub (video)

When a pup really wants to do something that's off limits, they will usually wait until the humans are out of eyeshot before breaking the rules. But not Buster, a hilarious golden retriever wearing deck shoes who is determined to join a young boy who is splashing around in a hot tub.

But a person, presumably his human mom, keeps catching and stopping him from jumping into the bubbly water as he longingly leans half his body over the rim of the jacuzzi. "Buster! Do not get into that hot tub!" she keeps shouting. "Buster! Buster!…Put that leg down. Put it down!…"

And try as he might, Buster has a very hard time listening to the rules as he whines and keeps testing the woman's patience. Until finally, the doggo just can't resist. "First sunny day and already up to no good," the caption of his TikTok video jokes (see below, posted by bustersworld4). I can't remember the last time I laughed this hard at an animal video.

Via ParadePets