Trump's shocking new wife revelation: Did he replace Melania with Mercedes? [Update: he was referring to Mercedes Schlapp]

[UPDATE 2-29-2024: Donald Trump posted a video on Wednesday stating the he was referring to Mercedes Schlapp, his former White House director of strategic communications, and the wife of CPAC organizer Matt Schlapp. "At CPAC, where I had a sold-out speech—the biggest audience they've had in years, I think maybe ever—I made the statement that Melania was very popular, because when I mentioned her name, the audience went wild," Trump said. "I then looked at the two people, man and wife, Matt and Mercedes Schlapp, and I said, 'Wow, they really like the first lady.'"]

Did Donald Trump secretly divorce Melania and marry a woman named Mercedes? That's the only explanation for the very stable genius's statement at CPAC last week, where he told the crowd:

"Call up my wife, our great First Lady. She was a great First. People love her, yeah, people love her. Oh, look at that, wow. Mercedes, that's pretty good, yeah, she's good. And she loves our country, and she loves the people. It's true."

In MAGA land, this is proof that Trump is in top cognitive form.

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