Dramatic pup goes from "sick" to "never felt better!" when Dad returns from trip (video)

A melodramatic golden retriever threw himself a pity party after his human dad left town for a short bit. In fact, he used every trick in the book to make his mom — who stayed home home with the pup — feel sorry for him.

First came the limping, then the extreme lethargy that had him lying lifeless on the ground. His human mom tried everything — feeding him on the couch, giving him massages, even taking hm to a baffled vet, who shrugged and sent him home with some anti-inflammatories as a consolation prize.

Then Daddy came home from his trip early, and poof! Suddenly the symptoms vanished. Doggo popped back into action, excited as a circus clown, as if the whole sad ordeal had never happened. (Watch video below, posted by golden_goose7, via ParadePets.)