I met the world's perfect mammal at a reptile sanctuary

As wisely commented on their dedicated Reddit community just two days ago, capybaras may just be the single greatest thing the universe has ever produced, with the majesty of all the world's natural and manmade wonders paling before their fuzzy magnificence. Such is the bliss I experienced on a recent outing image to the Phoenix Herpetological Society, which – despite the name – plays host to a variety of mammals in addition to literally hundreds of rescued reptiles. Among these are a pair of capybaras, including the one I got to have a hands-on experience with.

Meet Tater Tot, the world's largest rodent.

Tater Tot the capybara.

Everyone loves capybaras, including some creatures that love to eat them, and humans are certainly no exception. For those wondering, he felt like a particularly hairy coconut, and was very keen on showing off his weird rat teeth as he chowed down on a feast of mixed vegetables.

Amazingly, the PHS is the only place in the entire US where you can actually touch a capybara (legally, that is) and get a hefty side order of snakes for your trouble- so if you're ever down in Arizona, it might literally be a once in a lifetime experience. You'd be helping out a worthy nonprofit while you're there too, so it's a win win!