These capybara yoga classes will make all of your dreams come true

Move over, goats, there's a new favorite yoga animal in town—the wonderful and wacky capybara. That's right, if you've already had your fill of downward goating and are looking for something new, you can now get your warrior capybara on! 

Cathi Huff, who owns and operates LOVE GOGA in Milton, Georgia (near Atlanta) has recently begun leading capybara yoga classes. Atlanta News First explains:

"People are flocking to do this," said Cathi Huff with LOVE GOGA.

Huff started her business six years ago, trying to blend her love of meditation and mindfulness and her love of animals.

"We were seeing over 125 people a week doing goat yoga," said Huff.

She partners with places like the North Georgia Wildlife Park and Safari to connect people with animals they might not see every day, as well as barnyard animals. The capybara idea was Hope Bennett's and every class is selling out.

"I went, 'Wow!' That is a cool idea that is right in line with what we want to do here, which is providing that moment where people get to experience the animals," said Bennett, who is with North Georgia Wildlife Park and Safari.

For more information check out LOVE GOGA's websiteInstagram, or Facebook page. And to see some video from a capybara yoga class, click through to the Atlanta News First article.