Kapibara-san, Capybara plush toys from Japan

Japan is increasingly obsessed with capybaras, the best rodent and very likely the best animal of all time. Accordingly, there's a plush toy craze to go with it: behold Kapibara-san.

No animal is complete without its own cute character in Japan—and capybaras have Kapibara-san (link in Japanese). By one estimate, over 5,000 items (link in Japanese) now bear the face of the character, which was launched in 2005. According to Kapibara-san’s owner, toy giant Bandai, capybaras are known for their ”happy, natural, and easygoing lifestyle” and loved for their healing effect on humans.

The photo above was posted by Tryworks. Kapibara-San are available on Amazon, but eBay has better deals.

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Capybara is excited

This capybara is excited, unlike all the other capybaras here. Read the rest

The Pursuit of Capyness is a capybaras-only coloring book

The Pursuit of Capyness [Amazon] is a coloring book featuring capybaras, the large and eminently peaceable rodents often observed just chilling, occasionally in hot tubs. The book is by psychiatrist John Terry, who knows what you need right now. Which is capybaras. To color in.

There are more than 50 within, with lots of capybara facts, and a range of complexity to make it fun for kids and adults alike. Here's an inteview with Terry:

Capybaras, in general, but especially on the internet, are associated with being very tolerant. There are all those photos of other animals hanging out and sitting on them. Their reputation is that they get along with everyone, making the emissaries of this really nice message.

There was a day that was a particularly rough day in the world of news, and a lot of negativity online. In response to it all, I was compelled to post this photo of a capybara stretching, and the response to the photo was just unbelievable. I didn’t really expect anyone to notice, but I suppose it was the distraction a lot of people needed because it gained so many likes and shares.

Moreover, it's for a good cause:

What are some examples of how funds from this book will be used? • Toward a free medical clinic that provides care to 200+ people every Saturday. The clinic was recently featured on national news • Book donations to mental health clinics and shelters; we are currently discussing donating 300+ books to children at a women and children’s shelter • Free services for the uninsured, underinsured, students, and impaired professionals • Consultation to nonprofits serving mental health and primary care causes • Education for health sciences students, pre-meds, and more, with the goal to improve access and investment in our communities in the long-term • During furloughs and disasters, we have seen federal employees and displaced people for free • International disaster relief (such as recent volunteering with the World Central Kitchen after hurricane Durian)

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Capybaras relaxing in a hot tub

Relax with these enormous rodents as they plop into a hot tub.

長崎バイオパークと伊豆シャボテン公園は共にカピバラの露天風呂が有名ですが、その伊豆シャボテン公園から長崎バイオパークにたらいがプレゼントされました。長崎バイオパークに訪れた際に、ちょうどたらいの湯のイベントがありましたので、撮影してみました。期間限定のイベントかもしれません。見に行かれる際は事前に確認を。打たせ湯の下でお湯が貯まるたらいの中は、湯温が高くてカピバラたちに大人気のようです。Capybaras enjoy hot spa in woody washtub. But it is little too small :-p

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Capybara invasion caught on camera

I have no idea what the fellow is saying about this tribe of capybaras invading a warehouse in Brazil, I'm just glad that they did so and that he was there to record it for posterity. Read the rest

Capybaras relaxing in a spring-fed hot tub

Sometimes I suspect that Capybaras are horses that haven't yet realized they've been transformed into giant gerbils. Read the rest

Best technology products of 2016

Today Product Hunt gave out its Golden Kitty awards to its favorite hardware and software products. Winners include Gboard by Google, Tesla Model S P100D, Tesla Solar Roof, a plug-n'-plant automatic cannabis home grow system, a flash card app called Tinycards, and more. Read the rest

Cabybaras break out of Toronto zoo, on the lam for 3 weeks

Capybaras are not only the world's greatest rodents, they are also the world's greatest animals bar none. And now two of them, appropriately named Bonnie and Clyde, are on the lam after busting out of Toronto’s High Park Zoo on May 24. The search for the brobdingnagian guinea pigs has been going on for 3 weeks.

From NatGeo:

Canadian city’s residents have taken to the streets (and social media) in an attempt to help officials find the giant rodents and lure them back into captivity.

Easier said than done. It’s been more than three weeks since the pair, now nicknamed Bonnie and Clyde, made a break for it while being transferred to a new enclosure. And so far, attempts to recapture the rodents of interest have come up empty handed.

By the way, capybaras aren't guinea pigs, but they are related. Here's a video of a baby capybara getting to know a guinea pig: Read the rest

Video of a capybara with ducklings on its back

"This is JoeJoe the Capybara, enjoys baths and hanging out with baby ducks." [via]

In addition to his YouTube Channel, Joe has an instagram account and a Facebook page.

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Photographic proof that the capybara is the best animal

We've posted about the world's best animal before:

Adorable tiny baby ducklings love taking a bath with patient capybara Capybaras enjoy hot springs Escaped capybara spotted at sewage treatment plant In California Happy capybaras cure Monday blues

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