Neuromancer TV show greenlit at Apple TV+

William Gibson's cyberpunk classic Neuromancer is to become a show on Apple TV+ (previously). Apple greenlit a 10-episode season and you'll be tuning in to a dead channel sometime in 2025.

The 10-episode series hails from co-creators Graham Roland and JD Dillard. Roland will also serve as showrunner, while Dillard will direct the pilot.

Per the official logline, the series "will follow a damaged, top-rung super-hacker named Case who is thrust into a web of digital espionage and high stakes crime with his partner Molly, a razor-girl assassin with mirrored eyes, aiming to pull a heist on a corporate dynasty with untold secrets."

Few things from the post-war era of popular culture are so thoroughly strip-mined, without itself being brought to the screen, as Neuromancer. More than anything else that comes to mind, this will have to compete with successive past ideas of what it should have been—non-existent but sharply reflected in other media over the last 40 years.