The Boebert tradition: Another mugshot joins the family collection

Rootin' tootin' public-penis-grabbin' grandma Lauren Boebert couldn't be more proud of her son for following the family tradition of being arrested and getting their very own mugshot. I imagine Congresswoman Boebert can't talk about it because she's currently at Michaels buying a picture frame so she can get the photo of Tyler mounted on the wall next to her and husband's mug shots. Just look at the family similarity in the photos. As they say, the rotten apple doesn't fall far from the diseased tree.

The Boebert family — aka the pride of Rifle, Colorado — keeps the cops busy. Her estranged husband, Jayson, is a sex offender who flashed his penis to two underage girls at a bowling alley in 2004. He was also arrested in January for allegedly attacking Tyler, and was accused of sticking his thumb into Tyler's mouth in an attempt to pull his tooth.

Lauren Boebert and son's matching mugshots

And while Representative Boebert managed to evade being arrested on public indecency charges for fondling her date's penis while attending a musical in Denver in 2023, she did manage to get arrested twice in 2016: once for reckless driving, and again for failing to pay the reckless driving fine.

Young Tyler, not to be outdone by his parents' impressive rap sheets, now holds the coveted top position on the family's leaderboard. He faces 22 charges, including felony counts such as criminal possession of ID documents, conspiracy to commit a felony, first-degree criminal trespassing, theft, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Just take a look at this arrest report from last night:

Hey, Representative Boebert, if you're still at Michael's don't forget to buy another frame for this document, too!