Doggo growls at his reflection for a full 30 seconds, angry that it won't take a hint (video)

A Labrador retriever lounging on a bed was none too pleased when he noticed his reflection was staring back at him from the closet door. In fact, he growled at it for a full 30 seconds, staring it down and trying to scare it away.

And when the belligerent doggo in the mirror stared back at him, unmoving, the Lab's growls got louder. He even threatened the reflection, moving forward as if he were about to lunge, but the intruder didn't budge.

Until finally, the brave soul decided to take action and pressed his nose against the mirror, giving it a good sniff. But, uh-oh, false alarm. That's when the pup went silent and suddenly pretended to be looking for crumbs in the rug. (See video below, posted by Jen & Teddy.)

Maybe next time he can just make friends with his reflection, the way this cat did.


I never claimed he was clever 🤷🏼‍♀️ #dogsoftiktok #dog #labrador

♬ original sound – Jen & Teddy

Via Newsweek