Watch this illusory mirror dance routine

It's almost as if the mirrors aren't even real!

The act appeared on Nippon TV's Masquerade entertainment contest.

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Great video profile on making otherworldly photos on a desolate salt flat

Australian photographer Murray Fredericks braves some of earth's harshest conditions to create utterly transcendent photos using mirrors placed in Lake Eyre's barren landscape. Read the rest

DIY smart bathroom mirror

Smart bathroom mirrors with Internet connections and integrated displays have been fodder for futurists (including me) since the early 1990s at least. Google engineer Max Braun decided to build his own from a two-way mirror, display panel, and Amazon Fire TV Stick running an Android application package for the UI. He posted about the project on Medium:

To the right of where my face would be we have the time and date. To the left is the current weather and a 24-hour forecast. Below are some recent news headlines...

Other concepts I’m playing with are traffic, reminders, and essentially anything that has a Google Now card. The idea is that you don’t need to interact with this UI. Instead, it updates automatically and there’s an open-ended voice search interface for anything else.

"My Bathroom Mirror Is Smarter Than Yours" (Medium)

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