Step into another dimension with Manon Weiser's eerie tintype photos

In a world where digital photography reigns supreme, the eerie, otherworldly allure of Manon Weiser's tintype photographs is a reminder that the latest high-tech photography isn't always the best. These contemporary tintype photographs by photographer Manon Weiser are stunningly eerie. They blend pinhole photography, tintype, etching, collage, and embroidery, revealing the "fragile beauty" of an always-changing world.

I'm captivated by the striking masks featured in Weiser's photos – haunting images that have been lingering in my mind with their unsettling beauty. The slightly blurred, smoky look to the photos makes me feel like I'm peering into another plane of existence.

Living in France, Manon Weiser describes her artistic journey as one driven by a fascination with "forgotten memories, frayed balls, and untied threads." She likes exploring the "corners of Man that we consider dark and that we prefer to hide from our eyes." Weiser's rejection of digital photography in favor of techniques that are "more tangible, more palpable" allows her to capture the essence of decay and deterioration.

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