ONCE AGAIN: Trump glitches out, the NY Times pushes a "Biden is old" story

If Joe Biden had performed any one of Trump's weird stream-of-consciousness speaking in tongues moments, we'd never hear the end of it. Instead, Trump glitches out like he's Mitch McConnell or something, and no one seems to care… in fact, we get another Biden is old story. Of course, their poll got a lot of attention. There has to be a horserace.

These moments of aphasia are more frequent the more stressed the adjudicated fraud becomes. That the media is portraying the 3 year age gap between Trump and Biden as meaningful, when one is famed for "hamberders," while the other an octogenarian who still rides his bicycle around regularly, is a crime. Biden has been around the block, there are things both good and bad that come with his attaining some wisdom, Trump is a broken, temper-tantrum-throwing old man screaming at red hats.

Just imagine what it'd be like if Joe Biden broke into strange noises mid-speech, then picked up and went on.