Nikki Haley finally understands MAGA — and she's dropping out of the race

Looks like Nikki Haley finally got the message yesterday — she's got no chance, aka "no balls," as one MAGA man put it yesterday — in the toxic Trump-controlled MAGA party.

And so, after losing every state on Super Tuesday except Vermont, and every other primary except Washington D.C., Haley is dropping out of the primary race.

"The time has now come to suspend my campaign," she announced. "I have no regrets." (See video below, posted by MeidasTouch.)

From NBC News:

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley will drop out of the 2024 presidential race … a source familiar with Haley's plans confirmed to NBC News.

Haley won't announce an endorsement Wednesday, two people told NBC News. Instead she will encourage Trump, who is close to having the delegates needed to win the GOP nomination, to earn the support of Republicans and independent voters who backed her, one of the sources said. …

Although several 2024 GOP candidates gave their support for Trump after withdrawing from the race, Haley said last weekend that she no longer feels bound by a pledge she made to the Republican National Committee to support the party's nominee. 

Just a week ago, Haley told a crowd in Virginia, "This is about, where exactly is the Republican Party gonna go?" Welp, I guess we now have our answer.