Trump was denied relief from his $450m fraud judgment. Now he's been denied relief from his $83m rape and defamation judgment

As much as it amazes me that a found-liable rapist, defamer and fraud is still in business, Donald Trump is at least on the hook for the tab: a New York Judge denied him relief from the $83.3m verdict against him for raping and defaming E. Jean Carroll.

Judge Lewis A. Kaplan told Trump's attorney in a written order that he won't delay deadlines for posting a bond that would ensure 80-year-old writer E. Jean Carroll can be paid the award if the judgment survives appeals.

The judge said any financial harm to the Republican front-runner for the presidency results from his slow response to the late-January verdict in the defamation case resulting from statements Trump made about Carroll while he was president in 2019 after she revealed her claims against him in a memoir.

At the time, Trump accused her of making up claims that he raped her in the dressing room of a luxury Manhattan department store in spring 1996.

Trump's constant game of delaying and choking the system with paperwork might get him to the point where he can pardon himself for the federal crimes he's accused of, but here it comes back to bite him in New York: "Mr. Trump's current situation is a result of his own dilatory actions," Kaplan wrote.