Senator Katie Britt's disgusting and bizarre rape lies exposed

On TikTok, Jonathan M. Katz highlights critical inconsistencies in Senator Katie Britt's Republican response to President Joe Biden's State of the Union address. Katz debunks Senator Britt's anecdote about a woman she claims to have met on the US-Mexico border, who had been trafficked by cartels starting from the age of 12. Katz investigated the authenticity of this encounter and the narrative's timeline and it reveals, as you might suspect, that Britt is either lying, or she doesn't know what she's talking about.

Senator Britt's narrative, originated from her visit to the Del Rio sector of Texas, where she, alongside other Republican senators, engaged in a roundtable discussion. Katz reveals that the woman in question, Carla Jacinto Romero, had previously shared her harrowing experiences before Congress in 2015, relating to events that occurred in Mexico from 2004 to 2008 — long before Joe Biden's presidency. This revelation exposes a misleading connection Britt attempted to establish between Biden's administration and the border crises.

Senator Britt, says Katz, is misusing Romero's story to make a false connection between the Biden administration and incidents of sexual violence along the border. It's typical MAGA behavior —make up a lie that ties Biden to rape while ignoring the fact that her MAGA hero Trump has been accused of rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment by at least 26 women since the 1970s