Kansas GOP donors beat an effigy of President Biden

A former head of the Kansas Republican Party is calling for the resignation of two current leaders after video of the outrageous event surfaced.

The people who enjoy the criminally indicted, adjudicated rapist and fraud Republican candidate for President making fun of Joe Biden's stutter also love this garbage. There is no shame in the Republican Party, so they likely won't even apologize. The MAGA hats just love political violence as well as theater.

A user on Rumble posted a video of the event, entitled "Highlights from the Grand Ol' Party ft. Ted Nugent! – Overland Park, KS, 3-8-2024" which shows people in attendance kicking the Biden effigy and others posing with a cardboard cutout of former President Donald Trump.

"This conduct is shameful, and it is WRONG," Kuckelman wrote. "(Mike) Brown and (Maria) Holiday must resign. Republicans, especially elected Republicans, must demand the resignations of Brown and Holiday. Silence is complicity in this case."

He said Johnson County Sheriff Cal Hayden was at the event, seated in the front row roped off for VIP members.