Gov. Kristi Noem peddles out-of-state dental work in high-cringe infomercial (video)

No bar is too low for a MAGA leader, which is proven once again as Gov. Kristi Noem peddles dental work in a cheesy infomercial.

Selling cosmetic dentistry on behalf of Smile Texas, a dental group in the Lone Star State, Noem babbles on for more than four minutes about how her dentist changed her bite, gave her teeth a "better shape," and gave her a "smile I can be proud of."

What the South Dakota governor doesn't discuss is how the heck folks in her own state are going to pay not only for the expensive dental work that is sure to make her "proud," but all the travel, food, and lodging expenses that would come with a South Dakotan who might take her moonlighting gig seriously. Looks like cringeworthy pillow-peddler Mike Lindell turned out to be quite the MAGA trendsetter. (See video below, posted by Justin Baragona.)