Marjorie Taylor Greene celebrates after RNC bloodbath: "MAGA is now in control!"

The Republican National Committee deserves everything they get after cowering to 91-times indicted Donald Trump, allowing him to install Lara Trump as the new RNC co-chair (along with newly Trump-picked co-chair Michael Whatley).

But I didn't expect the grand ol' party's death blow to be so quick and clean, which is what happened yesterday when Lara Trump and her co-chair swiftly fired more than 60 staffers in what has already been branded as the RNC "bloodbath."

And of course, Trump sycophant Marjorie Taylor Greene was one of the first to celebrate. "MAGA is now in control of the Republican party!" she Xitted last night.

"We will continue to need everyone's help all the way across the finish line," the Georgia Congressjester added. "Do not grow weary. Dig deeper."

At this point, the only thing south of the finish line seems to be one letter, but once the RNC becomes the MNC, Greene's command to "dig" (as in a grave) will be a moot point.

From NPR:

More than 60 people were fired, including senior staff in the political data and communications departments, according to a person familiar with the reports.

The cuts also included local staff that ran the committee's community centers, in African American, Asian and Hispanic communities. …

The changes come just three days after Michael Whatley, a close ally to the former president, replaced outgoing chair Ronna McDaniel as head of the RNC. Lara Trump, the former president's daughter-in-law, was elected as co-chair. …

In speech Friday accepting the position, Whatley said the RNC would work "hand in glove" with the Trump campaign.