WTF? Gov. Kristi Noem just posted a 2nd infomercial — this time for shoe inserts — after getting slapped with lawsuit for the 1st one (video)

I didn't think Gov. Kristi Noem's side-hustle as dental work peddler could get any stranger. But it just did, as the South Dakota governor today posted her second infomercial in one week! This time it's for shoe inserts — I kid you not.

"We're at Fit My Feet in Rapid City," she says, holding up a shopping bag that advertises the shoe and orthotics operation. "And these guys are amazing. They have totally built me inserts for running —separate ones for my cowboy boots," she says.

"I'm going to be perfect. I'm going to be, like, Bionic Woman now. So come see these guys in Rapid City." (See video below, posted by Meidas Touch.)

Remarkably, Noem posted her latest promotional plug a day after she was slapped with a lawsuit for her Smile Texas infomercial. The lawsuit states that the governor acted as an influencer for the out-of-state cosmetic dentistry outfit without labeling her endorsement as an ad, which is against Federal Trade Commission rules. Interestingly, she also neglects to label this latest video as an ad.

Of course, maybe her praises are not ads. Maybe she's just a weirdo promoting these businesses for the hell of it, without receiving any type of compensation. If so, the organization that is suing her most likely won't have a case. But that won't take away the high cringe factor that will take days to dissipate after watching her navigate this new habit of hers.