Boebert laments the chilling effect media attention has had on her hands-on theater-going

Colorado's scurrying like a roach looking for haven GOP Congressperson Lauren Boebert is unhappy she can no longer visit a theater.

After famously being caught on film vaping and "causing a disturbance" at a performance of Beetlejuice, Lauren Boebert has suffered defeat after defeat. She has also self-referenced the event a number of times as if she did not want people to forget it. Now, perhaps she does. The soon-to-be running against an incumbent for her aspirational new district, Boebert is sad she can't go to the theater anymore. What a handful!

"And I can't even go to a theater without that being, you know, broadcast to the world."

Her comments referred to a visit to the Buell Theater in Denver in September last year at which she quarreled with other theatergoers who complained about her vaping, and then groped her date as he sat in the seat next to her.

She was thrown out of the theater by staff.