Marjorie Taylor Greene brags about Georgia's new airport project — that she voted against 2 weeks ago

Georgia's notorious liar Marjorie Taylor Greene is boasting about a new $3.8 million airport runway project in Floyd County, proudly telling her voters that it's all because of her. But in reality, Greene voted against the bill that allowed for the funding just two weeks ago.

"Marjorie Taylor Greene is proud to announce that she has successfully secured federal funding for seven different projects," says the delusional lawmaker's press release, going so far as to hilariously applaud what her opponents made possible: "These important projects were signed into law on Saturday, March 9, 2024."

Meanwhile, if you check out the bill's voting stats (see below), you'll notice that Marge voted a big fat "nay" to improving her district and state with these "important projects."

As Meidas Touch explains:

When Republicans get caught on these shameless panders and lies, their response is to claim that they were the ones who lobbied for a particular earmark in an appropriations bill, but they didn't like the earmarks in the bill secured by other Members of Congress for their districts so they voted against it. Therefore, they claim that they should get credit even though they voted against the overall bill.

But that isn't how Congress works. Individual earmarks for specific appropriations are never voted on one at a time because there are thousands of them. They are either voted on as part of a single budget package, or part of a larger appropriations bill that groups together thousands in a specific category – like foreign aid, infrastructure, defense, etc..

The media and the Biden Administration and campaign need to continue to call out these Republicans who continue to do this all over the country. We certainly will.

And so will we!