Mr. Panface is a crêpe who sings indie and rock classics

I enjoy sophomoric humor, so of course as soon as I saw Mr. Panface, I knew this crêpe in a pan who, along with his friends, sings rock and indie classics was right up my alley. According to Laughing Squid:

Mr. Panface is a series of moody anthropomorphic crêpes with googly eyes that sit on the stove and lip sync various songs with the help of a spatula. The songs include such artists as Radiohead, Post Malone, Green Day, Slipknot, The Offspring, and System of a Down, but various parts of either the song or band name have been changed to something more related to flour-based products.

I can't stop watching the videos because well, googly eyes. And also, somehow the spatula helps Mr. Panface appear to really be singing the songs, even down to the quivering lips on the vibrato. The puns in the titles are perfect, too. Well done, whoever is behind the spatula! Keep up the great work! Here are my two favorites so far:

Radiohead's Creep ("I'm a crêpe, I'm a weirdo")


But I'm a crêpe #🥞 @Radiohead

♬ Creep – Radiohead


David Bowie's Starman ("There's a starpan, waiting in the sky…")


There's a starpan waiting in the sky 🥞💫 #starman #crepes #pancakes #fyp @David Bowie

♬ Starman (2012 Remaster) – David Bowie

See more of Mr. Panface and his friends here.

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