Trump is lying to avoid paying $464 million judgment, says NY Attorney General Letitia James

New York Attorney General Letitia James is calling BS on Donald Trump's latest claim that all the surety companies in the United States are too dumb to secure a bond for over $450 million to satisfy the civil business-fraud judgment against him. James says Trump — known for his problematic relationship with the truth — is simply doing what he does best: dodging responsibility for his actions.

Trump's attorneys claim that Trump's team of very stable geniuses approached 30 surety companies through four brokers but none of them would secure the massive appeal bond. Why not? Surely it can't be that Trump has declared bankruptcy six times during his "perfect" career as a sucker who habitually overpays for companies then mismanages them into oblivion.

If Trump fails to post the bond, James's office could begin seizing his assets, including iconic New York properties such as 40 Wall Street and Trump Tower. The possibility of losing these valuable assets should be enough to motivate Trump to secure the bond. However, he claims that he is unable to do so, which is quite peculiar for someone who often boasts, "I'm really rich."

Trump has until Monday to come up with the money.

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