Buckingham Palace advertises for £25k communications assistant

The British Royal Family has entered a season of roiling public relations crisis as the King is treated for something cancer and Princess Catherine, after mystery surgery, remains incognito but for amateurish photoshop fakery and a shopping trip so ineptly orchestrated even TMZ was wary of it. A solution has been found! They're hiring a £25,000 (~$31k) communications staffer. Assuming 40 hours a week, this appears to reflect the minimum legal wage for working in London.

One of the job's main roles includes "responding to day to day media enquiries on a range of subjects, including about the work of members of the Royal Family".

Other essential criteria include an "eye for detail".

The job application – which has been posted on the royal household's website – closes on 7 April.

This is not the only person they have working on media, clearly, but the comical implication it might be, and the suggestion of penny-pinching ignorance of how much things cost, is doing its part to keep the family in the news. It's just funny how many zeroes off it is.

$30m: We acknowledge an organization of our size and importance requires a modern public relations department
$3.0m: We are aware of institutional failures and are taking serious steps to address them
$300k: We think one Top Professional can turn this around and this huckster knows how we think
$30k: It's one PR person, Camilla, how much could it cost? Ten Pounds an hour?