Marjorie Taylor Greene files motion to vacate House Speaker Mike Johnson

As soon as I hit publish on a post in which Marjorie Taylor Greene warned Steve Bannon that Mike Johnson's job would be on the line if he passed the federal funding package today, I saw this headline by Meidas Touch Network: "Marjorie Taylor Greene Files Motion To Vacate."

I guess she couldn't wait. [Update: the House did pass the $1.2 trillion spending package, 286-184] which will go to Senate for a vote.] Apparently, the Georgia Congress clown "filed a motion to vacate House Speaker Mike Johnson," according to MTN, because how dare he even think about fund the federal government!

"He's already in the arms of Democrats," she told reporters after her move to oust the speaker.

But in reality, it's just political theater as usual, as the attention-seeking stuntwoman also told reporters (after she realized what she'd done) that her dramatic action was just a "warning shot." To move forward, she said she first has to consult with MAGA boss Donald Trump. (See videos below, posted by Acyn and Republicans against Trump.)

From NBC News:

It was not immediately clear how the House would act on her motion, which requires just a majority vote to remove the speaker. Greene, R-Ga., did not file the motion as privileged — which would force a vote within two legislative days — but instead as a regular motion, which could be referred to a committee, where it would likely languish.