Marjorie Taylor Greene is mocked after admitting that the GOP is "a complete failure"

In a fit of rage, Marjorie Taylor Greene turned against her own MAGA colleagues again, bashing the entire Republican Party, before zeroing in on Speaker Mike Johnson. Because anytime Republicans and Democrats work together (just barely) to avoid a government shutdown, the Georgia Congressquack flies into a frenzy.

"Our Republican majority is a complete failure," she spewed in her first Xitter-tantrum yesterday after a bipartisan $1.2 trillion spending package was announced. "Tomorrow Speaker Johnson is funding the government that has created this invasion. I'm voting NO! SHUT IT DOWN!" she said, along with video footage of migrants crossing the southern border.

Mad Marge then hammered out another post, hitting Johnson and hinting (or fantasizing) that another upheaval among Republicans in the House could be on the horizon. "We need a Speaker of the House who will fight to secure America's border at all cost! … I'm done with this one."

Of course, Democrats had fun poking at the broken clock, with posts ranging from "We approve this message," and "For once, Marge is right," to "I think you should resign in protest!!!" and "You got this one right, you are a complete failure."

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