Trump awards himself two golf trophies: a "great honor"

Former President Donald Trump took to Truth Social to announce his "great honor" of receiving two golf trophies at his own Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach. The adult toddler proudly proclaimed his victory in both the club championship and senior club championship, emphasizing the "large and golfing talented membership" and the "GREAT and difficult course" that made his play "very exciting."

Naturally, the communists and socialists of the far-left were quick to call out Trump's uncanny ability to win bigly at everything, especially when he's the one making the rules. They accused Trump crying "rigged!" at the drop of a MAGA hat whenever things don't go his way — from elections to the academy awards. Trump has a knack for spotting conspiracies everywhere – except, apparently, on his own golf courses.

Even President Biden stepped in to ruin Trump's moment in the sun, tweeting a snarky "Congratulations, Donald. Quite the accomplishment."

Even worse, today The state of New York is moving to seize Trump's assets due to a $454 million civil fraud judgment against him. He better keep a tight grip on those trophies.

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