DNC's AI-generated response to Lara Trump's musical release

Recently emplaced RNC Co-Chairperson Lara Trump's recent release of an amateur musical number offers the DNC an easy shot.

The members of the Trump family are united in their ability to overcome a lack of talent with access to capital. While Lara may be pursuing her true passion here, as we can be sure it isn't Eric, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison is the one having fun.

Lara Trump's attempting to fuse her real job with her dream job — that's why she recorded a politically charged song, and the Democrats are quickly firing back with a diss track!

Take a listen to the new song, "Party's Fallin' Down" … which roasts Donald Trump's daughter-in-law for her rocky start to heading up the Republican National Committee. We're told the upbeat pop song was generated through Suno AI, but was not modeled after any particular song or artist.