Repeating GOP lies, RFK jr insists he is not a spoiler

RFK Jr insists he isn't a Republican-funded spoiler and that Joe Biden is the greatest threat Democracy has ever known.

An anti-Vax conspiracy theorist who happens to believe in the undeniable proof of climate change, RFKjr swears he isn't a spoiler. Mr. Kennedy also claims that Joe Biden is weaponizing the Justice system to silence his political opposition. Both of these are messages his Republican backers want you to hear.

RFKjr's top donor is also a large Trump donor: "The heir to the Mellon Bank fortune, Timothy Mellon, was Donald Trump's top donor in 2020. In the 2024 election cycle, he has given more than $35 million combined to both Trump's and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s super PACs." wrote USA Today.