Man-child Trump throws tantrum at Kimmel as walls close in

In a desperate attempt to distract from his escalating legal woes, Donald Trump has resurrected a month-old beef with Jimmy Kimmel over a joke the late-night host made at his expense during the Oscars broadcast.

In a pathetic Truth Social rant, Trump accused Kimmel of suffering from "Trump Derangement Syndrome" and having a "horrendous performance" while hosting the Academy Awards. He then falsely claimed Kimmel forgot to announce the Best Picture winner properly, calling it a "CLASSIC CHOKE." (It was Al Pacino, not Kimmel who gave the award.)

This cringeworthy outburst reeks of someone grasping at straws to shift the narrative away from his mounting sex scandals and potential indictments. It's the tantrum of a scared man-child lashing out because the walls are closing in.

Trump's delusion that his laughably false comments constitute "truth" is just sad at this point. As is his desperate need to retain relevance by manufacturing feuds with celebrities who mocked him. As legal troubles encircle the increasingly enfeeble crybaby, expect more of these juvenile meltdowns.