Toot toot! Donald Trump raises a stink in the courtroom — literally — and it's "putrid" (video)

Donald Trump has gotten so cozy in the courtroom, he's not only snoozing — he's now reportedly raising a stink. As in having a gas. As in farting, according to MeidasTouch's Ben Meiselas via "credible sources." And it isn't pretty.

"What I'm hearing from … credible sources who know what's going on in the courtroom … is that Donald Trump is actually farting in the courtroom," said Meiselas.

"And that it's very stinky around him. It's a putrid odor in the courtroom," he unfortunately continued, as I am apologetically doing now. "And that Trump's lawyers are repulsed by the scent and the smell." (See video below, posted by Acyn.)

"You know we have good sources," Meiselas said, assuring us his sincerity on the less-than-savory topic. "I'm hearing it from actual, credible people that as he's kind of falling asleep, he's actually passing gas. And that his lawyers are really struggling with the smell." Okay, I'll pass on lunch, thank you very much.

[Update: I previously said MeidasTouch's source was New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman. However, MeidasTouch only cited "credible source" and not Haberman. The story has been corrected.]