Eric Adams now New York City's least-popular mayor in polling history

Mayor Eric Adams, beset by problems, lawsuits, investigators and delusions, now commands the approval of only 28% of New Yorkers. It's the lowest approval rating for a New York City mayor in Quinnipac University Polling history. 58% of locals disapprove of his performance.

Driving voters' dissatisfaction with Adams were budget cuts he's announced, as well as his handling of the migrant crisis, homelessness, and public schools, the poll found. Most voters polled, 60%, even disapproved of Adams' handling of crime — an issue he campaigned on. "There's no good news for Mayor Adams in this poll," said Mary Snow, a poll assistant director at Quinnipiac, in a written statement. "Not only are voters giving him poor grades on the job he's doing at City Hall, their views on his character have dimmed." Those views on Adams' character include 54% of voters who said they didn't think he was "honest and trustworthy" and 55% who said he didn't have "strong leadership qualities."

Adams was presented by media as the reasonable, serious centrist for normal people, but he's a complete wacko who rambles on about ghosts and now has his own "Has He Been Arrested Yet?" site.