George Santos is now Kitara Ravache on Cameo: "Out of the closet after 18 years!"

Ousted lawmaker George Santos — famous for his many lies and aliases — is back! But not as George Santos. And not as Anthony Devolder, George Devolder, or Anthony Zabrovsky, mind you. "After 18 years," Santos said on X, "I've decided to bring Kitara out of the closet."

As in Kitara Ravache, which was his drag name when he performed in Brazil, before he was accused of fraud, chased out of Brazil, chosen by Republicans to represent New York's 3rd congressional district, and expelled from Congress for not mentioning in his campaign that he was a serial liar.

Hard up for cash, Santos has for many months been a fixture on Cameo, but only this morning added Kitara to his repertoire. "Y'all weren't ready for this drop?" he Xitted this morning. "I've decided to bring Kitara out of the closet after 18 years!"

And the con man who last year was indicted for stealing from his donors, which included credit card fraud and identity theft, claims that 20% of his Kitara Cameo proceeds will go to charity (Tunnel2Towers and The Fellowship). But hurry up! Santos warns us his new act is only "for a limited time." Spoken like a true grifter.

(See this morning's X announcement by Santos here on Mediaite, and his Cameo pitch below, posted by Mike Sington.)