Rep. Matt Gaetz attended a drug-fueled party with naked minor present: sworn statement alleges

The horrifying allegations against creepy Congressman Matt Gaetz keep coming.

ABC News reports that a 20-year-old woman said in a sworn statement that Gaetz attended a 2017 drug-fueled party where an underage girl was naked. The statement was obtained by the House Ethics Committee investigating Gaetz's trail of slime.

The witness claims the party featured cocaine, MDMA, and a naked teenager exposed to a gang of slobbering adult men, and bedrooms prepared for sexual activities. And who should be lapping it all up but Florida man himself, Mr. Matt "Frat Daddy" Gaetz?

Of course, back when Matt was initially accused of having sex with a minor in 2021, the righteous representative dismissed it all as lies, sneering "The person doesn't exist!" on Tucker Carlson's Fox News program. Well, looks like that "person" may have been undressed and defenseless at the party.

The Ethics Committee is also zeroing in on whether Gaetz's highjinks involved illicit substance use too. His enablers deny it, claiming Matt hasn't touched a drug since becoming the pride of Florida's 1st congressional district.

With every new revelation, the stench of Gaetz's sleaze grows more putrescent. To his ethically void MAGA worshippers, it's honeysuckle and roses.

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