City bus carrying 20 passengers in St. Petersburg bizarrely veers and drives straight into river (video)

Video shows an out-of-control blue city bus in the middle of St. Petersburg plowing into a car before careening off a bridge, carrying at least 20 passengers on board. The bus then immediately sinks into the Moika River. (See video below, posted by The Moscow Times.)

Rescuers, including city officials and good samaritans, rushed to pull out the passengers, but at least seven have died. According to The Daily Beast:

Emergency responders quickly began pulling people out of the submerged vehicle, aided by passerby who threw buoys. The rescuers were able to pull everyone out of the bus, although additional searches of the river are still underway.

Russian media reported that three people drowned immediately in the river and four more were later pronounced dead, although the death toll could climb as several people are in critical condition in the hospital.

The bus driver has since been arrested and charged (for what he was charged with isn't clear), and could face up to seven years in prison, according to the Daily Beast.

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